(South Africa, 1998)

Lethabo Huma, The Self, 2021

Acquired by Sothebys at Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, on 10 June 2021.

Lethabo Huma, a South-African-based rising crypto artist, on the black crypto art ecosystem. Lethabo has been on the forefront of the crypto art movement and she brings classical, analogue painting techniques into the New Media space. Best known for her digital portraits, the artist examines the role of the self and introspection within the iridescent  and ethereal and landscape of The Self. The Self illustrates Huma’s experience as an artist growing within the burgeoning art form of NFTs. The flowers begin to shed off her back and droop in parts cut from their stem, emphasizing the aspects of her artistic practice and self that have developed and evolved as she herself grew. Entering a field of heavenly upward spiraling tufts of grass, the dandelion-like flowers dotted around her seem poised to blow away.



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