Si On

(South-Korea, 1979)

“I think everything is political because we live and work in society. And my work is rather on universal issues and emotions that include but are not limited to current political climates. Canvas is where I get to manifest my vision and my own state of mind, my identity as an artist and as a woman can be related to any political events and it will show through my entire artwork.”

Si On is known for her colorful and highly expressive works that combine kitsch, religious and Western imagery. Her paintings are a celebration of her Asian heritage, in particular Korean shamanism, which has left a strong imprint on her practice. She explores themes such as socio-cultural identity, sadness, anger and sexual politics, transforming her personal traumatic experience into a broad formal approach to powerful and expressive paintings and sculptures. The mental and physical engagement that the artist doubtlessly devotes to her practice are clear on both her pictorial and sculptural activity.

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