Noh-art presents ‘Pure Joy of nature’, Özer Toraman Preview  Chez Ernesto Esposito, Napoli

A Turkish Post War & Contemporary artist hosted in residency from May to June, 2022 in Italy

noh-art is delighted to present Özer Toraman first exhibition in Italy ‘Pure Joy of Nature’ in collaboration with Pi Artworks London. Özer Toraman’s work exude an abundant joy for life and are all inspired by friends, many of whom he has met during his time travelling. Observing people and his surroundings inspire ideas about how we see the world and how we can view reality as multi-interpretive. Toraman’s paintings often depict in focus figures and out of focus backgrounds in order to prompt the viewer into considering ideas surrounding the role of the imagination in our lives. The imagination is a powerful tool for the artist that not only grants us a certain kind of freedom but also has the capability of designing our futures and directing our lives, consciously or unconsciously. The technique used in his paintings therefore help focus on what Toraman believes is most important: ‘we become aware of the pure joy that we can experience in our own individual nature’.